About us

Early times

Formed in 2014 out of the collaboration of Gregor Samsa (AKA gregorsamsaestmort), Filippo Scalzo (Caron Dimonio) and Mario d’Anelli (European Ghost), The Black Veils write angry and miserable post-punk songs while based in Bologna, Italy. They released two albums in 2015 and 2017, respectively: the self-produced Blossom and Dealing with Demons (Atmosphere Records).

Last years

Leonardo Cannatella (BeStrass, Leva) joins as the new drummer in early 2018, delivering his first performance as the band shares the stage with Drab Majesty. Between 2017 and 2019 The Black Veils keep on touring through Europe (Italy, France, Germany…) writing new songs on and off the road for their third chapter.


Three new songs are released as singles by french label Icy Cold Records in 2020 and early 2021 (Hyenas, Lamourlamort, Rabbits). Each single has been remixed by good friends of the band: Geometric Vision, HAPAX and the danish post-punk band The Foreign Resort. A fourth (and last) single, Cities on Fire, precedes the full-lenght.

Their 3rd album Carnage, also released by Icy Cold Records, is out on Nov. 15h, 2021.

Authentic Tradition

Your hope is a trap now.

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