• “Carnage” CD Digipack
  • “Carnage” CD Digipack

“Carnage” CD Digipack


Year: 2021
Format: CD

The Black Veils 3rd studio album “Carnage” comes in a special 6-panel CD digipack edition. Released by Icy Cold Records, the album features the singles “Hyenas”, “Lamourlamort”, “Rabbits” and “Cities on Fire.”


1. See You at My Funeral

2. Rabbits

3. Hyenas

4. Lamourlamort

5. This Is Going to Hurt

6. September Kills

7. Phantom Limb Syndrome

8. Death by Arrogance

9. Cities on Fire


    "Carnage" CD Digipack"Carnage" Black Vinyl 12''"SEE YOU AT MY FUNERAL" Pin 32''"LAMOURLAMORT" Pin 32''"Carnage" Artwork Tote bag"Carnage" Artwork Pin 38''TBV Logo Red Pin 38''"Dealing With Demons" CD Digipack"Blossom" Purple Cassette (Hand-numbered)"Blossom" CD Digipack"Dealing With Demons" T-Shirt

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